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ChampION™ Sports Fuel

ChampION™ is a very popular liquid concentrate specially designed for easy preparation of efficient hypotonic sports drink. It meets all needs of both professional and recreational athletes with the highest demands and it can be used before, during and after physical performance. ChampION™ combines more sources of energy which work together to optimize energy delivery straight into muscle tissue as well as it supply balanced electrolytes to provide salts required to keep your muscles hydrated and protected against cramps.
Benefits of ChampION™Sport Sirup:
-         provides fast hydration of the organism and prevent dehydration
-         delivers energy and improves physical performance during physical activity
-         contains regeneration supporting matrix
-         supplies optimal ratio of electrolytes during sweating
-         pleasant energizing taste during consuming the drink
-         dilution ratio 1:70 (1 l of concentrate = 70 l of finished beverage)
-         caffeine & aspartame free
Recommended dosage:
The basic dose is 10 ml. Mix the basic dose with 500-700 ml of water. You can use the enclosed measuring cup or original Amix™ pump (2 pumps = 10 ml). The dilution ratio depends on the performance duration and the current surrounding temperature. Maximal daily dose is 50 ml of concentrate.
Best before end: see packaging. Store at a temperature not exceeding 25oC in cool dry place away from sunlight. Warning: Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. The product is not designed for children. Keep away from children. Do not exceed recommended daily dosage! Shake before use. Never store the finished drink for more than 24 hours.



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